Who’s That Girl?

I recently interviewed a fellow classmate for a class assignment. For this assignment we were supposed to create a video with interesting information from an interview. I had the pleasure of interviewing Angie Isernio, a graduate student in the Washington State University Sport Management Program and a Graduate Assistant with WSU’s University Recreation. As a Graduate Assistant, Angie has a schedule that is packed full! She teaches multiple classes and trains new employees with UREC, takes undergraduate sport management classes, graduate sport management classes, AND I saw her going for a run during her free time on a Saturday morning! She is extremely motivated and you can tell she loves what she does with University Recreation.

Angie was very easy to work with during the interview process. Even though her schedule is very busy, she made time for me to come to her work to interview her and see what she does. The answers to my questions flowed from her so easily and you could really tell that she has a passion for what she does. The questions and answers did not take very long, we did about two shots for each of the questions asked and we talked briefly before the interview to help direct the conversation in a more free flowing style. Editing the clips together with smooth transitions was somewhat difficult but I was able to get it done with a few half hour to one hour sessions.

I truly enjoyed interviewing Angie and she sparked my interest in going to fitness classes and teaching classes again. I used to teach dance classed three to four nights a week at Port Angeles Dance Center while attending Peninsula College in Port Angeles, WA. The video of Angie teaching and the answers to her classes reminded me what I loved about teaching. I think that watching Angie’s video will make others want to attend some of the many classes that are offered through University Recreation. It will also let you know what Angie’s favorite class to teach is and what her favorite music to work out to is!