About Me

I am a Senior at Washington State University and in the process of completing my Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management with a minor in Business Administration. I will graduate in May of 2017 and will be completing an internship following graduation. I currently work with WSU Athletics in the Ticket Office and I love connecting with Cougar fans from around the country! After earning my degree I plan on pursuing a career in collegiate athletics with interests in ticketing, development, and administration.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaajmaaaajgrlm2q5zdgzlwm2owetngzjny04owi5ltjmzgyxywfiotdizq            I decided to pursue a career in collegiate athletics after working at both the University of Idaho and Washington State University. During the summer of 2016, I was an intern with a team in the West Coast League, a summer baseball league for college athletes. After working with collegiate athletes and the fans surrounding collegiate teams, I knew I had picked the right sector of the sport world. Collegiate athletes are in a constant pursuit of their goals, both athletic and educational and fans of collegiate sport have a dedication and connection to both the sport teams and the educational institution.

I am from the small town of Port Angeles, Washington but also spend a lot of time in Gig Harbor, WA and of course, have a home away from home in Pullman. I do not have work experience in any international countries but would be open to international opportunities in the future. My hometown in an hour ferry ride away from Victoria, BC and home to a very popular national park so I do have experience communicating with international tourists. The only international experiences that I have had are tourist activities in Victoria, B.C. and an audition in Vancouver, Canada. Currently, the top three countries I am interested in visiting are Ireland, Scotland, and Germany.

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences through this website. Share this Blog with others who may be interested!