Why Washington State?

One of America’s most interesting college football coaches, Mike Leach, head coach for Washington State University, was asked “Why Washington State?” at a press conference. He said that when he was asked this, his initial thought was, “Well that’s a stupid question…

When people ask me, “Why Washington State?” I always respond with, “The Sport Management program,” and that is usually the end of the conversation. I recently realized that my response seems too simple when I think of everything that the sport management program at WSU has helped me accomplish.


My time as a student at Washington State University has been the greatest experience of my life so far and it has prepared me for my next endeavor; being a college graduate and finding a career in the sport world. The Sport Management program at WSU has led me to connect with many professionals working in collegiate, minor league, and professional athletic organizations. I continually learn useful marketing, management, communication, and public speaking skills from my professors and feel comfortable going to their offices for advice concerning projects and career opportunities. I have had the chance to interview sport professionals through class assignments and with my role as an executive member of the Sport Management Club. While doing practicum hours, I have worked with three departments of WSU Athletics: Marketing & Promotions, Ticketing, and the Cougar Athletic Fund. I currently work in the Athletic Ticket Office and with the Cougar Athletic Fund and have the chance to connect with cougar fans and donors from all over the country. Working in WSU Athletics while taking sport management classes has given me a chance to convert what I learn in class into actual career skills.

After I walk at graduation in May of 2017, I will be completing an internship to finish my Bachelor’s degree. I know that the education that I have gained from the WSU Sport Management program and the experiences I have had with WSU Athletics has given me a strong foundation to build a career upon.


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